Santa Clara, CA

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Santa Clara, CA

About Santa Clara

Santa Clara is a popular city located in the San Francisco Bay Area and just about 45 miles southeast of San Francisco. It was founded in 1777, making it part of the California Missions. Santa Clara has significance because it’s located right in the heart of Silicon Valley and is home to several high-tech companies, including Santa Clara University, and Levi’s Stadium, where the San Francisco 49ers play!

Santa Clara is an ideal place to live, especially for those who want to live in an area with mostly sunny skies and a booming industry. Because of this, the housing market can be tough, but when you do find a house to live in, you’ll want to make it a home.


Creating A Beautiful Home

Once you find that Santa Clara house you’ve looked – and worked – so hard for, you might be thinking you need changes to be made for it to feel more like a home. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling can be smart investments when you purchase your home. Not only does remodeling raise your property value, it also gives you a chance to personalize your home and give you the added space and design that you’ve always wanted!

Quartz Construction has been working in the Santa Clara, CA area for more than 20 years, providing bathroom and kitchen makeovers for our customers. If you want to change up the look of your home, call us today to get started!

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