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As a remodeler company, Quartz Constructions can help you in choosing the right flooring materials that will enhance the appearance of your home. It is important to select the flooring materials that can withstand traffic, thus overcome wear and tear.

Your preference for flooring materials should also depend on your reason why you need to undertake the project. If you have plans of selling the house in the future, then you should take into account the value and style of your home. To help you in making the right choice here’s some information to consider:

 Types of Flooring Materials

Porcelain or ceramic tile

Tile has been used as a flooring material for the bathroom. But, today many homeowners have been using this flooring material in hallways, kitchens, dining areas, laundry rooms and even in the entire house. Among other flooring materials, tile is the most versatile because of its various style and color option.

Bamboo and hardwood

Many home buyers are attracted to a house with hardwood flooring. This is a perfect flooring material for areas that do not frequently get wet. The bamboo flooring, on the other hand, works similar to hardwood when it comes to performance, installation, maintenance, and cost.


The laminate flooring is the ideal alternative for hardwood in case you have a limited budget. This flooring material is made of resin and wood pulp making it looks like a real wood. It resembles hardwood style like cherry and maple, pine and barn wood.


Carpet is ideal for family and living rooms as well as bedrooms because it is soft and warm. It is also an attractive choice because it is available in different styles and colors. Choose a carpet that suits for different uses. This flooring material is not easy to clean that’s why you should think many times if you have children and pets.

Linoleum and vinyl

If you’re looking for a flooring material that is resilient, the linoleum and vinyl are the best options. They are moisture-resistant and highly durable. Available in various styles and colors and they work best in high-traffic and hard-working areas such as kitchen, bathroom, and dining areas.

After identifying the type of flooring material to use the next thing to think about whether to do it on your own or hire a professional. Keep in mind that flooring installation is not an easy task no matter how handy you are.

Why Hire a Professional to do the Flooring Installation?

Hiring a professional to do the job can be expensive, but it will save you money in the long run. Quartz Constructions offer flooring installation services. We have flooring technicians who are skilled in doing the job. They are trained to install different types of flooring materials.

If you want to achieve the best results you should hire professional flooring technicians. Only professionals can guarantee to give your home the best appeal through proper and efficient floor installation.

Our flooring technicians are experienced in doing the job that’s why you need not supervise them. All you have to do is to discuss everything before the job starts. Professionals can ensure completing the project on the agreed time. This will reduce the inconvenience of waiting for the completion of the job.

If you consider our floor installation service, we can guarantee to render the project right at the first time. This way you can expect that repairing or replacing loose ends can be avoided, thus saving money. Keep in mind that committing mistakes installing the floor can compromise the functionality, lifespan, and appearance of the flooring.

Your home is an investment and plays a significant role in your life that’s why it is essential to make it the best. Therefore, you should not refuse spending money to hire a professional service. Letting our tea to do the floor installation project in your house is all worth the expenses. Aside from the skill and experience of our team, we also have the right supplies and tools on hand. In addition, we also offer installation warranties.

Proper installation of the flooring is vital to creating the appearance you want for your home. Thus, it makes sense to hire a professional flooring service to complete the project.

We’re happy to be part of making your home an expression of your style. Contact us at (480) 966-2704.

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